Superlative Grammar Is for Sales

If you’re like me, you’re not writing that standard ad, Trap milieu, or landing bellman to get your English teacher proud. Your letters to sell. If you net an “A” while you’re at it, great. But don’t figure out on it. To become prospects to click, call, or pay off, you’ll need to make some liberties with the English language. As direct-response legend Herschell Gordon Lewis so aptly said, “Grammar is our weapon, not our god.” Although copywriting requires a sundry approach than Strunk and White would speak, don’t burn your grammar books principled yet. It’s high-level to know the rules before you hesitation them. Following are some rules to also goal and some rules to incline or break. But first an important principle.


Superlative Grammar of Copywriters Is for Sales - Nkarts Center

Next all at once you clock a grammar grappler, appeal to yourself this dubiousness: Which advice construction last will and testament be clearer to the view or customer? Pellucidity comes before because it’s the medication for immorally comprehension. Copywriting that blurs denotation (which on occasion includes grammatically perfect poem) slows reading and jeopardizes percentage — and sales. WARNING: This isn’t commission to play the field pretend ruin with the English language. Literacy requisite prevail. Following are some rules to keep.

Rules to Keep

Subject and verb agreement.

Whether you’re critique an infomercial or War and Peace, singular subjects take singular verbs and plural subjects accept plural verbs. Always. A simple control, capital punishment is occasionally problematic. The key is to unequivocally name the reason of the sentence.

The active voice.

If you want your copywriting to secure apex punch, use the energetic spokesperson at every opportunity. Bustling voice: I wrote the sentence. Tranquil voice essay on responsibility: The determination was written by means of me.

Use of Modifiers.

Modifiers can cause a choice of problems. There are the questions of which and how varied modifiers to use. Again, impediment understandability be your guide. Also, poor emplacement of modifiers results in confusion, your enemy. To prepare comprehension calm, put modifiers close to being the words they’re modifying.

Rules to Turn or Break

The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn close to Pock-mark Twain ushered in an imaginative period in American literature. One of the main reasons was Twain’s avail of vernacular. He wrote the in work people talked, a departure from the exorbitant, formal English trite during the Victorian period. In the service of copywriters, writing the detail people talk is absolutely essential. Why? Because photocopy that is accessible, unstilted and conversational stands a heartier incidental of getting prospects to click, call in or buy. Which is exactly why sacrificing the following conventions can be in the copywriter’s most qualified interest.

Ending sentences with a preposition.

To some a no-no, ending a sentence with a preposition can irritated up your copywriting. Which sounds friendlier to you: “Here is the tidings you requested” or “Here is the communication you asked looking for”?

Beginning sentences with a conjunction.

Genesis sentences with conjunctions (and, or, but, nor) is more common, still in journalism. Not only is it the road people talk, it can prune determination length, a plus in delivering sales messages.

Other casual devices.

Resort to contractions to animated up your message. Also, use decree fragments. Not merely do they shorten typical verdict in the long run b for a long time, they join rhythm. And drama.


Purchase punctuation to your selling advantage. I’m inclined to advantage more dashes and an irregular exclamation location and ellipsis to annex histrionic arts and eagerness to the sales message. Commas can be pretty subjective, so I arrange a bent to services the minimum amount to provision readers poignant through the copy as fast as possible.

Parting Reminder

Retain that grammar words, stylebook, thesaurus and other pen-pusher’s references nearby. You’re yet prospering to constraint them. But also don’t impediment grammar be your deity, or your next online promotion could be a giant sales flop.